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Peter Bevan British Artist & Sculptor

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Peter Bevan
Flat 1/R
56 Kersland Street
G12 8BT


As Peter is frequently out of the country we would recommend contacting him via e-mail in the first instance.

You can also obtain more information about Peter Bevan and his work from Colourpoint Design at the address below.

Colourpoint Design
128 Chiltern Park Avenue



the artist

The Artist "Peter Bevan"


"George II " 2003 Pastel/Paper

Biography "Peter Bevan"

Peter Bevan trained as a painter, graduating in 1973 from the Royal College of Art, London but has been making sculpture since 1989 and after this re-orientation has developed a more international practice.

He has exhibited sculpture in Scotland, Scandinavia, Belgium, USA, Japan, India and in September 2005 at the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale.

He first visited India in 1989 and then as Artist in Residence at the MS University of Baroda in 1996. Bevan has also made sculpture at  Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Scotland, Iwate Stone Sculpture Symposium, Japan, Jircany Ceramic Sculpture Symposium, Czech Republic and at Hunter College, New York.

Although he has worked on a large scale in a variety of media including stone and wood, the core medium of his recent sculpture is ceramic and the theme; “Virtual portraits”.

Peter Bevan taught Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland until 2003 and both academic and experimental drawing continues to be an essential process in his creative practice.

In 2004-5 he studied Classical Asian Art at the British Museum in preparation for a second Artist Residency in India, winter 2005.


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