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Peter Bevan British Artist & Sculptor

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New York Sculpture
  Artist in Residence Installation 2001

New York art

 "The flower is a leaf mad with love" Detail
Artist in Residence Exhibition, Hunter College, CUNY, New York. 2001


Hybrid art
Hybrid Drawing (USA Touring 2002)

New York Sculpture

New York: 2001-2002

Artist in Residence, Hunter College, City University of New York, 2001

“The flower is a leaf mad with love " Goethe

The generic title of these works made on the residency in NY was inspired by the anthropomorphism of Goethe’s poetry and with botanical metaphors used by teachers of Modern Dance. Jose Limon wrote about the expressive nature of all parts of the human body, he says of the chest, “It can rise with the breath, like a plant growing up and out from the pelvis, and there be suspended, noble and affirmative and inspiring.”  

The Vision of Modern Dance” eds. Brown, Mindlin, Woodford

Pastel & Ink art

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