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Terracotta sculpture

  "Franco-Frank-Franz-Fransisco-Francois" 2005 Terracotta

Self portraits detail

  "Peter" (detail) 2005 Terracotta

Ceramic portraits

 "Peter Helen's Twin & Jinny 2005 Terracotta

Ceramic and pigment sculpture

"Flower head" 2004 Ceramic/Pigment

Conte art

Conte Drawing on Paper

terracota portraits

"Jinny" 2005 Terracotta

Recent Work 2003-2005

“Virtual portraits”

This new series of works in terracotta has two main

• A long-standing interest in the meaning of decorative motifs and patterns on clothing or applied directly to the body. This layer of surface information complements the form of the body itself.

• The experience of working on “Fragile Portraits”, a sculpture project with a group of homeless people for the Union Chapel, London in 2004. The participant’s faces and hand gestures were cast or modeled and then assembled into a group composition in a low relief panel, later cast into bronze. In the context of the Union Chapel Project for Homeless People, these tentative portraits took on a noble or spiritual dimension.

In “Virtual Portraits”, casts from the faces of ordinary people are re-modeled within decorative ceramic forms, which have references to religious objects and architecture.

The “realistic” portraits are positioned into a virtual or spiritual context.

portraits sculpture

"Virtual Portraits" Union Chapel

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